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Things to do in HaLong Bay

If you intend to trip to Ha Long Bay, there are some spots that you should pay much attention to, including its thousand islets and islands and other breathtaking landscapes and seascapes and you shall be so overwhelmed with its pristine charm and natural beauty that you might only wish to have as much time as possible to explore this World’s Wonder. And if you have a limited time but do not know where to go first, the followings are so highly recommended for you.

1. Bai Tu Long Bay

bai tu long bay

This is one of the top attractions in Ha Long, that seduces thousands of arrivals to come and explore every year. Situated  in the east of Ha Long Bay, it also owns similar geological characters and conditions as Ha Long Bay and though it is in an off the beaten path, it is getting more and more appealing and well-known with pristine beauty and imposing landscapes. Bai Tu Long possesses its own tranquility and attraction and it is magnetic but much less crowded than it neighbor Halong Bay, despite the development of tourism, with deserted and pristine beaches and stunning karst mountains, and unique biodiversity which includes two ecosystems of a tropical, moist and evergreen rainforests and a marine and coastal sector. Though it does not have as many grottos as in Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay is a must.

2. Halong Bay

halong bay

Ha Long Bay is well-known as one spot that you mustn’t miss in Viet Nam, so it is no doubt that it should be on top of your must-do list on your trip to Ha Long, Quang Ninh. The Bay, a part of Gulf of Tonkin, consisting of 1,600 islands and islets, is formed into a breathtaking seascape of rocky karst formationswith its precipitous natural construction, so most of the islands and islets are uninhabited and uninfluenced by humans. Such islands and islets are so magnetic and you shall be appealed at the first time to spectacular multi-shaped rocks and islets in the crystal green water. Besides, you will meet coastal caves and arches, which looks so fantastic and superb.To experience this amazing place, a visit is definitely a must other than by words.

3. Sung Sot Grotto

sung sot grotto

Situated on center area of Ha Long World’s Heritage, on Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Grotto(The French call the grotto asGrotte des surprises) is one of the biggest and most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay. The cave has about 10,000 m2 area with thousands of fantastic stalagmites and stalactites. This place is also gathered with many rocky islets which are in exotic and unique shapes. You have to pass old big trees with broad foliages, stone stairs (a little craggy) to reach the cave and this shall be so excited with the rugged trail but closed to the nature, especially you are a risky man. There are two spacious chambers, amazing landscapes like big old banyan tree, dinosaur-shaped rocks in the grotto and you must trace a 500 m stone path inside the cave to explore its charm. When you are atop, you seem to be in a paradise-like garden with crytal water lake, evergreen forests and a diversity of flora and fauna in front of you.

4. Dau Go Cave

dau go cave

If you are in this cave, you should see a paradise under the earth. This is really highly recommended for tourists wanting exploring the pristine beauty of rock and nature. Perching at 27m above the sea level, the 5000m2 cave gathers a complex of million-year architecture, so it looks definitely ancient, pristine and quiet. You can witness thousands of rocky pillars, fabulous stalagmites and the natural arrangement in the cave always deserves a visit. In the cave, there is a diversified system of fauna and flora. Due to the wide mouth, the moisture in the cave is quite high; and with the reaction of sunlight, you can have a chance to experience the development of flora system, especially the mosses, ferns and woody plants. There are three chambers in the cave, including a system of multishaped stalagmites (lion-shaped, python-shaped, fighting cock-shaped, etc.) on the first chamber, rocky islets going up and down on the water in the second chamber and giant rocky pillars which look so magnetic and smooth without any roughness in the last chamber. On your Ha Long discovery, Dau Go Cave is definitely worth a try.

5. Ti Top Island

ti top island

Ti Top Island, one of the best destinations in Ha Long, is obviously a great island as at the first sight. This is not only an ideal place for going swimming and play a variety of outdoor activities and beach sports, Ti Top Island owns specific  From this place, you can get fabulous views of Ha Long then enjoy a new perspective of the whole Bay. To get such worthy view, it takes you about 20 minutes to overcome more than 400 stones stairs, which are pretty steep and some are a little high. You should know in advance that this is an interesting but exhaused journey to get the best ever panorama of Ha Long and unfortunately some either give up or choose simple activities like enjoying a swim or take a rest under the shade of the trees to contemplate the beach or join in some energetic water sports. However, if you have some preparations and keep your body good before the trek, this is definitely a good exercise combining to a trip and you will not be disappointed with it. Remember that you should have several stops along the hike in order to keep energy if not, you may abandon the hike soon. When you are atop of Ti Top Island, it is time to contemplate the best view to Ha Long and take precious and beautiful photos. There is also an area for food and souvenirs surrounding the island, so you can spend time to look around. Taking a swim after the climb is highly recommended to enjoy the excitement of getting to the top and the cold refreshments at the same time.

The five destinations are so strongly recommended. If you still have time, let pay visits to Thien Cung Grotto, Soi Sim Island, Tuan Chau Island and more. Thien Cung Grotto or Heavenly Cave is also a must-go on your trip to Ha Long. It is definitely the most amazing and fantastic grotto ever on the series of beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay with spectacular stalactites and inside natural attractions which is similized as God’s Palace and Soi Sim is totally a fanstastic for going swimming and sightseeing.

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