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Tripping to Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the must-gos that you need to experience at least once in your life as its breathtaking sceneries and excellent moments that you can get from your trips. It seems to be hard for you to explore the Bay in a limited time at first because it is no doubt that you will only need more time to conquer the Bay. For getting such wonderful experience in Ha Long Bay while not having much time, you may consider some tips as followings.

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We need to know much about the accommodations, things to do and eat, which are essential factors for a trip; however, those are going to be mentioned later after you are equipped some information about the weather. First of all, Ha Long Bay is an all-year-round destination for tourists, so you can visit this World’s Wonder in anytime of the year and depending on the climate conditions, the Bay in every period is definitely deserved a visit. The weather is always cool for a trip since the temperature ranging from 27 to 29 Celsius in wet season and 16 to 18 Celsius in dry one only, the 1553 km square Bay consists of nearly 2000 islands and islets with multi-shaped karstic sceneries. Anyway, it is better you to prepare for yourself a detail discovering route and reserve accommodations because this tourism spot is absolutely worth a visit and that also means it is usually crowded.


You can reach this tourist attraction from Hanoi and it is also a high recommendation. From Hanoi city, you may ride a motorbike or a car (if you want to experience a completely self-supported trip when hiring such vehicle and of course, if you have a driving license), travel by coach or route-bus (you can get from My Dinh, Long Bien or Giap Bat Stations) or go to Ha Long by train (from Gia Lam Station). In case of the first selection, you may also get you a hired driver when you want to reach the Bay by a car but you cannot drive yourself. When you are in Ha Long, you can get a taxi or hired motorbike or cycle around the Bay by a hired bike. To explore Ha Long’s seascapes, you are suggested going on boat or cruise or trying a hydroplane – a new but amazing means of touring the Bay.


There are thousands of hotels, hostels and inns ranging from top-star to popular ones, like family-like hotels. You can book your accommodation in accordance with some criteria such as star ranking, or hotels in popular locations. Hotels in Bai Chai are more expensive than those in Hon Gai; however Bai Chai is more convenient for travelling since it is near the center. Anyway, it had better you reserve through tourism agencies or ask some acquaintances to help you get an accommodation because it shall save an amount of money. Another interesting kind of accommodation in Ha Long Bay is cruises. Such luxurious cruises are suitable for you staying and getting the exotic and interesting experience from the desk or joining in some excited on board party when the sun falls down – the most amazing moment ever.


If there is a destination that offers limited tourist attractions, it shall never be Ha Long Bay since with thousands of landscapes and seascapes here, which you only feel your time is limited. This is a very tourism paradise with extraordinary rock formation consisting of imposing and adventurous caves and cliffs, crystal fresh water, airy space of nature, luxurious cruises, challenging kayaks, and more amazing activities as a very fisherman into which you must sink deeply. You can pay visits to some spots like Cat Ba Island with Cat Ba National Park, Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Co Cove or beaches like Bai Chay, Ti Top, Ba Trai Dao. For exploring the Bay, you are recommended go by cruises that are really appealing and gorgeous, traditional junk boats or go on your own way by rowing kayak. Anyway, when you come to Ha Long, do not miss spend at least one night on cruise to the authentic tour-on-board experience in this World’s Wonder, in which you shall join in an evening party on the deck before getting exciting memories in the next morning by enjoying the very fisherman’s life. Going fishing squid is a high recommendation. Ha Long is also a fantastic spot for taking part in beach and water sports like sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite-boating and parasailing. Discovering the Bay on a hydroplane is a hot trend now and it is definitely a must. In Ha Long, shopping is not a very ideal place; however, if you want to buy some seafood for gifts, especially Cha Muc, you should go to Ha Long Market No. 1. In case that you really want to go shopping during the time in Ha Long, Halong Marine Plaza is a good suggestion. You can also go to some fairs which are often held on Tuesdays, from 6am to 2pm around Ha Long Hotel, besides Ha Long Market, Bai Chay Market and Ha Long Night Market.


Ha Long is a paradise of seafood, so it is no doubt that you are always suggested getting seafood when coming to the Bay. Some fantastic dishes must be “Cha Muc” (or Ha Long Squid Sausage - a dish of fried chopped squid), Ha Long Lobsters, Fried Snails with chili sauce, Hoanh Bo Soaked Rice Wine, Grab Soup and Grilled Ngan (a kind of shellfish) or Steamed Ngan  and more. You also pay attention to some restaurants like Co Ngu Restaurant and if you want to experience a new way of enjoying food, you can try at Xuan Hong. This is a 'floating' seafood restaurant that can be considered a fish-farm-cum-restaurant with close and private meals. There are some ways that you should consider to enjoy food in Ha Long, whether in peak season or low one. First of all, you may try food on the shores around Cai Dam, where is homeland of all kinds of shellfish. Secondly, eating on the sea can be a very interesting way to enjoy seafood. You should go to Cot 5 Raft Area in Hon Gai and there are some selections of eating locations, including Hong Quang Raft Section or Hong Dam one. In such places, you can order fresh and raw seafood, that is so-called “onsite-ordered”, and more than a word, you should sink early into the best flavor and yummy taste, which cost a soft price. Bai Chay is also a spot for Ha Long cuisine, but the prices for everything here are always more than normal, even several times higher, so if you are not a good bargainer, you should consider much to spend money in this place.

Anyway, with such short but informatics tips as said, your trip to Ha Long is likely getting ready. Remember to prepare for you carefully before departing, whether accusations, tripping routes, destinations, activities, clothing or essential legal documents. More than a word, this is a definitely a paradise and you had better not miss it.

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