Halong Bay is one of the seventh UNESCO World Heritage Sites thanks to its exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance. It is famous for a spectacular seascape of some 1,600 limestone islands and islets towering from emerald water. Those limestone pillars are covered by the lush green of tropical plants and boast amazing karst grottoes, caves and caverns. Not only that Halong is also famous for the cultural and historical connections, fresh seafood and tons of sports activities on the beach.

– Islands and Karsts: Halong Bay is the greatest attraction owning 1,696 islands, islets and rocky karst outcrops. The majority of these karst pinnacles and islets have sheer, vertical cliffs which have been given imaginative names by the locals. These have been derived from their perceived shapes and include names such as Man’s Head, Fighting Cocks, wooden head and Wallowing Buffalo.

– Caves and Grottos: Halong Bay has a large number of caves and grottoes. Tourists should spend 3 days to discover almost commonly caves in the Bay. The most popular visited are Thien Cung (Heavenly Palace) cave, Dau Go (Wood Tip) grotto, Sung Sot (Surprise) cave and Trinh Nu (Virgin) grotto.

Each of caves has different of shapes and formations on the sides and roofs of the caves. Especially, they are being part of local folklore and legends, bear witness to the different stages of formation for long years.

– Attractions and Activities: Thanks to Halong Bay’s natural sceneries, the towering limestone and the emerald-blue waters offer many sea-activity. The sheer numbers and size of the islands, islets and karsts within the bay serve to humble even the most jaded traveler. Swimming, kayaking, hiking are favorite pastimes for visitors to Halong Bay.

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