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What Is The Best Halong Bay Beach?

Halong Bay is designated World heritage wonder in 1994; it is not only famous for thousands of islands but also many beautiful beaches. Halong bay beach is large with white sand and stunning landscape around. Travel Sense Asia will help you discover the charming beauty of the most surprising beaches in northern Vietnam's number one tourism hub.

 Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau Beach is a beautiful beach located in the tourist area of Tuan Chau Island. This island is an established tourism center of Halong, Quang Ninh province and 8km from downtown Halong. However, the whole area of Tuan Chau Island is only 2.2 square kilometers, consisting of multiple sloping hills. This is an artificial beach with sand carpet stretching 2km. Although only a man-made beach, it is the favorite place to get away and relax.

If you have a chance to visit here, you will never have to worry about your accommodation in Tuan Chau. It has more than 400 rooms with international standard at high-qualified services like a private villa, luxury resort or high-end hotel.

You can discover this Halong Bay Beach by enjoying a variety of exciting activities on this island, including Jet Ski, sea fishing, canoes parachute, camping, mountain climbing…and many entertainments like dolphin show, circus…However, the entertainments are opened all days accepting Monday.

Bai Chay Beach

Another Halong bay beach is Bai Chay beach. It is known as a large, artificial beach and is closed to the coast of Halong Bay. Bãi Cháy is an artificial sandy beach which is located along the Ha Long Bay withs a width of 500 meters and a length of more than 500 meters.

Now, this Halong bay beach is famous for plenty of entertainment services around here like


  • Mystic Mountain Complex: includes some parts like Sun Wheel which is located at the peak of Ba Deo mountain (Hon Gai district) at about 250m above the sea level. It is among the top world’s tallest sightseeing by wheels. Connecting Bai Chay and Sun Wheel is Nu Hoang cable car - one of the biggest cable cars in the world. Another part is Zen Garden which surrounds the Mystic Mountain Palace and is a unique viewpoint where you can have a great bird-eye view towards the best corners of Halong city. 
  • Tropical Park: it includes fun-packed games, adventurous entertainment. You can play games as well as weave through the beautiful Bai Chay and Halong bay beach scenery.
  • Typhoon water Park is guaranteed to satisfy even the most adventurous of adrenaline-junkies. With something for all guests, Typhoon Cove Waterpark will leave guests rushing with excitement, screaming ‘one more time’ again and again

You should spend more than 2 days staying here to discover all of the exciting activities in this Halong bay beach - Bai Chay

Titop Island and Beach - one of the most famous Halong Bay beaches.

Titop island is located about 14km east of Bai Chay district, it is a tiny part of Halong bay. This island has white sand, clear, blue water and small waves, which become the ideal beach for relaxing, swimming and other sea activities. After swimming on the beach, you can immense the fresh air, sky and sunshine as well as enjoy seafood. Especially, Titop island had an impressive history, you can ask any tour guides, they will tell you deeply.

Most of tours visiting Halong Bay, even 1-day tour, you will have time to travel and go sightseeing around Halong bay. And you can spend 1-2 hours discovering here both swimming and enjoy activities here.

Now, there are a lot of travel agencies which provide Halong bay beach tour from Hanoi wit a flexible time of tourists and their demand. The popular duration is one day tour, two or even three-day tours and you have more one nights sleep overnight on a cruise. You can enjoy sunset and sunrise on the sea at Halong bay, which is the beautiful moment in your life.

To find more information related to the Halong bay beach, you can contact to any travel agencies, they will provide the most useful information for your trip.

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