Located in the east of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay features the magnificence of the small and large islands with many interesting shapes. Not being well-known to tourists like Halong Bay, but Lan Ha Bay is also one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam.

With a cool and fresh climate, Lan Ha Bay is ready to welcome tourists at any time of the year to enjoy comfortably outdoors activities like swimming, kayaking, boating… So here are the best things to do in Lan Ha Bay.

Following the recommendation of many travelers, Lan Ha is among the most beautiful bays of Vietnam. Lan Ha is glowing bright with lissom sunshine, cool oceanic breeze and sketching of about 400 limestone islands.

There are some bay mountains like Shoes islet, Bat islet…and so on to trek. Contrary to Halong Bay, Lan Ha bay has up to 139 sandbanks to welcome adventurers.

Moreover, you should join in some other activities like visiting Cai Beo floating village, swimming at Van Boi Con island, diving in Ba Ham lake, rock climbing in the international Rock or visiting the National park. Especially, you can rent a bike or motorcycle to find the village. You should ride slowly and enjoy the cool environment in the village. On the road, there are lots of traditional old houses and paddy areas.